"Thank you all so much for you kindness, hospitality and outstanding service your attention to details is amazing. Next time in Las Vegas we will spend more time at the spa it was the highlight of our trip. thank you again... "


"When it comes to spa treatments and couples massage look nowhere but djanel spa they truly provide you an experience and make you feel like a celebrity it's a get away at its best from the moment you walk in you are together with your loved one the whole time where as other spa you see each other during the massage only...that is not a couple's massage. At Djanel you will want to stay and never leave, the spa is private and peaceful it's an experience to recommend to others... "

Tina and Mike

"Just wanted to thank you for the most relaxing spa experience I have ever had it was well worth the wait! You are amazing. it was a pleasure meeting you Djanel thank you."

Las Vegas

"If ever in Las Vegas you have to make a stop at djanel spa you will feel like a million dollar "

Las Vegas

"Thank you for a fantastic day. I appreciate the time you were able to spend with us, look forward to helping you become more successful, you deserve it"

Las Vegas

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